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Windshield Replacement

Windshields can crack or break due to a number of reasons: extreme temperatures, falling objects, heavy impact, etc. If you find yourself with a cracked or broken windshield, call us immediately & we will have you driving with a brand new windhsield in no time!

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Back Glass Replacement

Your rear glass on your vehicle rarely gets any damage or wear-&-tear. However, there are times when a rear glass cracks or breaks, or simply needs to be removed to perform internal repairs or body work. if you need your rear glass worked on, we're the ones to call!

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Stone Chip Repair

Stone chips are a nuisance & probably the most common form of glass damage. These are usually caused by falling or flying debris and can either hinder your view, or just be an eye-sore. We can effectively & quickly repair your stone chips, leaving your glass looking like new!

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Side Window Replacement

We also repair and replace all other windows on your vehicle including front and rear side windows. Whether a specific glass panel has been smashed, stopped working mechanically, or is simply damaged or aged, we can replace any of your windows to your satisfaction.

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Scratch Repair & Removal

Certain scratches and swirls on your vehicle's glass windows may be able to be repaired and even removed. With special tool, compounds and techniques, we can treat, repair and remove most scratches depending on the deepness of damage and exposure to the natural elements. Let us inspect your vehicle so we can provide you a quote free of charge.

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